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Using my passes now

I followed the instructions on how to redeem my vouchers. I assigned names to each one. Now what? What do I need to bring/show when I go to use them? Do I need to print something?

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The Living Social rep had me redeem my vouchers, but to all one name!!  Now I want to assign names to each one and add a picture and other info to my "guests", but can't find where or how to do that.  Please help.  I have spent over 4 hours today trying to get the vouchers turned into some kind of pass that we can use this weekend.


Once you have successfully redeemed your vouchers online, you just need to come into our office! Once there, they can look up your name and print out your passes!

You can also access your passes digitally when logged into the guest portal at and click on "My Digital Passes" at the top. This works just the same as a printed pass and can be pulled up on your phone to be scanned or printed at home. Using your digital pass lets you skip any lines at the office and lets you access your Pass of all Passes at your convenience.

And in Kerri's case, you will need to call our customer support phone line or submit a support ticket on this website and we can help fix the issue!

i'm wondering when my pass of all passes expire. I got them in like March of 2016. are they a year pass or just for that first season?

My pass does not show the expiration date.  My family of 6 has had the POAP for a few years.  When I log on to my account it does not show any of us with a pass.  How do I figure this out?

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