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Unsecure Customer terminals, Information security risk!

On my last visit June 14, 2016. 

The customers terminals within the Seven Peaks location in Lehi Utah is not safe to use. They have an issue where a customer can hit the back button on the address bar and it will take you to a previous customers last entry...opened. As I was redeeming my own passes I was able to enter another customers acct. I immediately reported this to an attendant who assured me that it would be handled immediately. During the course of redeeming my vouchers we had to get our info. out of our Groupon acct. but I was assured there were to be no issues.

The next morning I received a notification that we had just purchased 2 more vouchers to Seven Peaks through Groupon. In the course of researching how and trying to cancel the payment, the thief was able to redeem the vouchers.

As of today, I have made several attempts to have the issue fixed and get a response from Seven Peaks Management. Their only response so far is that their manager is pregnant and has taken some time off but that they will review this issue as soon as she has returned. REALLY!

I am so very irate at the disregard for customers information security and their absolute lack of customer service.

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