This is the new Guest Portal! The Guest Portal is a new part of our system that allows guests to view their accounts, edit their information, add new guests to their account and purchase/add new passes, tubes, parking, and more!

How to log in to the Guest Portal:

  1. In the "Email" box, enter the email that is attached with your account.
    • If you do not remember your email, you can contact our customer service (801-373-8777), or come in to the offices of one our locations and we can inform you on the email that is with your account.
  2. Enter in your password. (It will have been a password that included a capital letter, a number and a special character.)
    • If your password is not working, assure that it is entered correctly as it will need to be entered in exactly as when created. If it still does not work, click on "Forgot Password?" and a new box will pop up that will ask you to enter an email that you want the reset password email to be sent to. (This must be the same email that is attached with your account.)
    • If you are not seeing the "reset password" email in your inbox for that email, refer to here for further instructions.

How to use the Guest Portal:
  • The "Dashboard" tab:
    • This is where you can see any new deals that our website is offering for renewals, new purchases, and add-ons.
    • Any updates on your passes/add-ons will be posted here as well, usually about expiration dates.
    • You can also click on various sections of the dashboard page to direct you to other areas on the portal, such as how to access digital passes, how to redeem vouchers, buy memberships, and manage your account. 
  • The "Memberships" tab: 
    • "Memberships"
      • This tab is where you view all of the currently-valid memberships that you have for your account. 
    • "Add-Ons"
      • This tab is where you view all of the currently-valid perks (tubes, parking, buddy passes, etc) that you have for your account. 
    • "Buy Now"
      • This will direct you to the section of the guest portal where you can purchase new memberships and add-ons.
  • The "My Digital Passes" tab:
    • "Membership Passes"
      • This is where you can view all of your passes in the form of pictures and barcodes. They can be printed from a computer or pulled up on a phone and scanned at entry gates at one of our locations. 
    • "Tickets"
      • This is where any day-pass tickets, or Lehi Fun Center grouping/day tickets will be listed after they have been redeemed or purchased.
  • The "Redeem Vouchers" tab:
    • This is where you can redeem voucher codes that you purchased through us, or through third-party members. 
    • To learn how to redeem your passes, click here.
  • The "Buy Now!" tab:
    • This is where you can buy memberships and perks for your account.
  • "My Cart":
    • If you have a transaction currently in process, this is where all items desired for purchase will be listed and totaled.
  • Your Name in the top right corner:
    • Hovering over your name in the top right corner will prompt a drop-down menu to appear. In this list, you will find:
      • "My Account"
        • This is where you can view your account information, as well as change it if needed.
      • "Manage Members"
        • This is where you can view your members on the account, as well as add a new member if needed.
      • "Transactions and Receipts"
        • This is where you can view your recent transactions that you made on your account. 
      • "Change Password"
        • This is where you can change your password if needed. Assure that the password meets the requirements listed.